About our Restaurant

We are Jeff and Bobbie. We are a married couple who share a deep devotion to Our God and our Country. We share a family who are many generations deep with military service, with our son being our greatest hero. Austin just finished 8 years in the Navy. No father could ever be more proud.

 You can come in and catch Jeff saying to first time customers "only two people who have ever offered to lay down their life for me are Jesus Christ and the American soldier".

Baking is how we have chosen to honor both., We bake from the heart, search for premium ingredients,  constantly evolve while not forgetting how grandma used to do it. And we live,laugh,and love all in plain sight.  We want you to know that our "family " is always growing and you are welcome in it. We don't have to see eye to eye on everything,  we rarely get political,  but team Jesus and team American is who we always root for. Stop in and see for yourself a family still serving one customer at a time, still shaking hands, still thanking you for your service,  giving 15% discounts to military personnel on every purchase.  Still praying and believing in the greatest country to ever exist.  We are  PATRIOT CAKES AND CREAMERY.